Chiropractors Helping United States Olympic Team

It’s not often that you hear about Chiropractors getting the credit that they deserve. More often than not, professionals in the medical world frown upon these individuals. There are those that outright don’t believe that they can help, and then there are those that see the good work they do and recommend patients to go to them. The latest innovations in this field don’t always get reported either. But the interesting thing today is that they are needed more than ever. Not only that, they are starting to get more and more attention worldwide.

The Worldwide Need For Chiropractors

Chiropractic services help with pain management. They help align the joints, the spine, and assist with a number of sports related injuries. These individuals are trained in a lot of alternative medicines, as well as injury rehabilitation and more. The expertise has improved to a point where the United States Olympic Team is now using Chiropractors for their team. They aren’t alone either. There’s a lot of focus on using specialists and alternative medicine across the Olympic Games this year alone. The athletes that are competing on the world stage are getting treated and cared for by professionals in the chiropractic field, legitimizing the medical elements found here.

Take for instance Dr. Jason Rannfeldt out of Davenport, Iowa. A Chiropractor that has been named a head medical trainer for the United States training facility. He’s also a major director for several major athletes, which means that anything related to the health and wellbeing of athletes will go through him. Dr. Rannfeldt is not alone in this, he’s just one of many trainers that are focused on Chiropractic medicine being called up to the world stage, and it’s starting to proliferate sports medicine as a whole.

Athletes Need Adjustments Often

The reason why Chiropractic services are in such high demand is because professional athletes strain, and pull muscles, joints, and more on a regular basis. To compete at the Olympic level, there’s a constant grind and tear on the body. The mechanics of sports medicine involves alternatives and that’s where a Chiropractor comes into play. They are trained in medicine that helps adjust, align, and keep athletes in top performing shape. Often time’s this is missed by spectators. They just assume athletes are machines, but they aren’t. They need adjustments, and focus on joint care, repair, and rehabilitation all the same. The work that Dr. Rannfeldt is doing for the United States Olympic Team is just one story that showcases the need, growth, and focus of Chiropractic services worldwide.

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