Innovative Foot Pain Relief Now Available From Podiatrists

Innovative Foot Pain Relief Now Available From Podiatrists

Podiatry doesn’t always get the news coverage that it deserves. Doctors in this arena work on pain, surgery, and issues that are found within the feet. The human foot is often times the most ignored part of the body. Without them, we cannot walk, and therefore it’s important to take care of them. Doctors that specialize in this arena are known as Podiatrists. Podiatry has some major break throughs to consider in the past few years, especially a new update in how pain relief is administered.


The Problem With Pain

Pain in the foot can be the result of a great number of things. You are going to find that it could be focused on a major issue, or something minor. You could have stepped wrong, your shoes may not fit right, or you could be dealing with a major issue. Whatever the case is, pain in this area is tough to deal with. Often times, people take analgesics that can help, but what happens when those don’t help? That’s where a doctor can step in. The issues that arise here, however, become significant because pain relief may only be solved with surgery. At least that’s what used to occur.


A New Break Through

News in the podiatry world shifted recently when a group of podiatrists revealed a new way to treat chronic tendon pain in the feet. Their new option is called an EPAT machine. The Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology as it is named, helps with sending pressurized waves into the foot. It helps circulate blood, awaken nerve endings, and charge the tissue in the tendon and foot. This causes cell regeneration, which leads to less and less pain over the course of 5 treatments. Each treatment option doesn’t last more than 10 minutes each, and the application of this option is done topically.

EPAT, as it is being referred to is something that is set to take on in a lot of different health care offices. This is an alternative to surgery, which can pose serious risks. This option produces no side effects, doesn’t cause any pain, and is easy to apply. Treating plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, and even arthritis will now be much easier with this solution. The issue of pain can be tough for millions, but with new innovative ideas like the EPAT solution, many will find relief, without having to have invasive surgery. This method is safe, new, and will be rolled out to doctors in due time.

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