Psychologists in Sydney

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A Look At Psychologists in Sydney

In the medical world, there are many different disciplines. Some people specialise in topical disease, others work on internal medicine. Yet there’s another branch that works with the mind. Things that are intangible, and yet need help. That’s where psychologists come into focus. Psychologists are individuals that work and study the mind, and the processes that come from a mental component. They study a great length of time and are recognized as medical doctors, focusing on a specialized form of medicine. There are several branches of this medical field, even though the basis is founded within the study of the mind and the issues that could come through.


Mapping Major Areas of Psychology

When breaking down the branches that Sydney psychologists have to work with, there are 3 major categories to consider. These include clinical, community, and academics. Each one has their own field of study, and their own job field as well. Within a student’s path towards getting a degree in this field, they will look at various options and take on one of these 3 options overall. Consider a quick breakdown of these disciplines.

Clinical – the clinical option is in regards to those that practice therapy, counseling, and meet with patients on a one on one level. They focus on therapy, and can even work with psychiatrists to prescribe medications that can help with depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders.

Community – these are individuals that work with psychological theory, research, and publishing. They help with business, industry, and even government agencies to work with policy, and ruling, as well as individual problem solving.

Academics – psychologists that focus on this area are professors of psychology at the university level. This includes PhD graduates that are teaching at their school and other areas. They do not offer clinical work, or other options, as they stick to academia.


A Varied Field of Study

Aside from the aforementioned branches, the American Psychological Association lists 56 different types of psychologists in the world today. That’s a lot of different areas that focus on the mind, the brain, and the behaviors that come from them. Most common, individuals will go see a clinical psychologists or one that is focused on counseling. Others work in various therapeutic roles, as well as mental health clinics.

Licensing and regulation of this field is on the same level as surgeons, primary medical doctors and others in the medical field. There’s a strenuous field of study, accreditation, licensure, and more to achieve a career in this arena.

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